WoW Classic Leveling • Skills Buy Premade Character [Fresh Account Leveling]

Buy Premade Character [Fresh Account Leveling]

✔️ Buy WoW Classic Fresh Account Leveling

✔️ Get Pre-Raid Gear in Dungeons

✔️ Get brand new account boost for the best safety!

✔️ Additional Options after Leveling

Buy Premade Character boost service and you will get best safety leveling option
We're pleased to offer you most safety leveling option which means buying a new account specially for your character according all your preferences:
  • E-mail creation
  • Billing Adress for subcription payment (price for 1 month included)
  • Secret question
  • Battle Tag
  • Character's homeland and appearance
⚠️ All information will be created with your participation and will be transmitted to you after completion of boost so you can transfer the character to your main account.

You will get:
  • Chosen Leveling completed in chosen time frames
  • Free 60% speed mount
  • Chosen professions or secondary skills developed to the maximum level
  • Full dungeon rare gear for your level 60 character if you choose this option
  • Exalted reputation with chosen city
Safety first!
  • We never use any programs or bots, only hand work (to prove it we are able to provide screens or stream on your request)
  • Throughout leveling our booster will use VPN mathing your location: city and country
  • For additional safety we're highly recommended to not login on your account until the completion of the order

Yeti Classic Leveling boost conditions:
  • Classic leveling is a piloted service - our manager will contact you and provide a professional booster with flexible schedule, according to your preferences
  • Our boosters can offer a live-stream of 1-60 leveling
  • Once service done, the placement of your action bars will be brought back to their positions.
  • All gold during the leveling will be used only for leveling and nothing else
  • All rare and epic boe items will be send to your bank or your bank twink
  • We will keep you posted throughout the leveling process and you always can ask yeti-manager for update
  • Once service done all bars and keybinds will be returned to yours

 Our yeti-manager happy to answer all your questions!


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