WoW Shadowlands World of Warcraft: PUZZLE Illidan

World of Warcraft: PUZZLE Illidan

✔️ Unique Wooden Puzzle

✔️ World of Warcraft: Illidan

✔️ Wooden WoW Jigsaw Puzzle

World of Warcraft: PUZZLE Illidan

  • When we find something interesting and attractive for our eyes, we somehow ask ourselves how can I use it or who can I give it to?

  • And also we are worried about the question, what can I give my friends for their birthday or holidays!?

  • And I came to the conclusion that I do not want to give something ordinary, I want to surprise!

  • In our case, the question arises! For whom i can order puzzles for a gift?

  • Our jigsaw puzzles are not only beautiful, interesting and exciting, but also very useful, they also have the optimal size A3 (43x26 cm). This gift for children will help develop cognitive skills, fine motor skills of the hands, and teach them to concentrate on business because it consist of 270 puzzle pieces. For adults, wooden puzzles are an opportunity for distraction and relaxation.

  • The unique design will suit both, guys and girls, and later will serve as a memorable addition to any interior. Based on the versatility of the product, you can buy jigsaw puzzles inexpensively in the Yetiboost online store for a different kind of people!

  • You can also order a puzzle with any image, just provide our operator with an image in 4k format and we will create a puzzle according to your wishes! So many ideas appears at once, right?


  • To any city in Russia from 3-5 days!
  • To USA and Europe from 14-25 days!
  • Is free!

Why is it worth buying our jigsaw puzzles?

  • Our jigsaw puzzles are very pleasant to assemble, they have a very smooth texture.
  • They are filled with interesting game details in different shapes.
  • Absolutely hypoallergenic material.
  • High quality raw materials.

Final total: