WoW Shadowlands MYTHIC+ Torghast, Tower of the Damned (all layers)

Torghast, Tower of the Damned (all layers)

✔️ Torghast, Tower of the Damned

✔️ Shadowlands Torghast

✔️ Tower of the Damned carry

Buy Torghast Tower Carry and you will get:

  • Soul Ash, which is main resource required to craft & upgrade your Legendary 
  • Fast Weekly Cap : 2 Runs in Highest Layer, completed in 2 active Torghast wings
  • We will help you to get an access to 8 Layer (max level of Torghast and the only way to get your weekly soul ash cap) in case if you dont have it on fresh character
  • Legendary effects for your class 
  • Chance to loot pets and mounts (rare drop)
  • Selfplay carry run with Torghast-experienced groups and players who earn our trust since beta shadowlands

Important Information about Torghast Carry Service

  • We have flexible boosters so you can pick the convenient hours of our play time
  • You may choose within the selfplay and piloted carry option, but we highly recommend choosing selfplay services whenever this option is available. You will be able to join our team by yourself (selfplay is best choice to keep your account secure)
  • If you prefer Piloted method of Torghast boost, our drivers can offer a live-stream, so you can watch the process of Torghast Layer(s) Clear Boost

Regular Torghast Run

2 wings run


Final total: