WoW Shadowlands OTHER Glory of the Raider (10 man)

Glory of the Raider (10 man)

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Glory of the Raider (10 people) - are the first in the number of achievements in the section of glory added to WoW with the release of  Wrath of the Lich King. To complete this achievement, players had to master complex tasks and actions during boss fights in the raid dungeon of Naxxramas and the Eye of Eternity. In addition to these achievements in the killings of bosses, it is necessary to perform 16 additional tasks. A decent award for work was a flying mount - proto-drake.
To complete the glory of Raider (10 players), you will need several players. You can not master this with high-level equipment and reinforced artifacts, if your team does not have a harmonious and balanced game. We will help you with achieving the full glory of Raider (10 players), you only need 80 level characters.

Criteria of achievement:


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