Glory of the Legion Raider

You haven’t made Glory of the Legion Raider yet? Get achievemnt and Defiled Reins! Our employee will contact with you within 10-20 minutes after purchase. Don`t waste your time! Run with is negotiated with the support team.

Glory of the Legion Raider INCLUDES:

You will receive: Defiled Reins

Glory of the Legion Raider CONDITIONS:

– Raid with professional team
– Service will take 2-3 weeks
– This service is only piloted way
– For all piloted services we use VPN matching IP of your location to protect your account
– If you choose piloted way we will provide stream of boosting process (customers nicknames won’t be shown on stream)
– We never use any kind of third-party software, all our services are done by hands

Glory of the Legion Raider REQUIREMENTS: 

– 110 level character (power leveling can be ordered on our website)
– No gear requirements, feel free to come in underwear (but just in case, gearing can be ordered on our website)
– In case of account sharing we will only ask for login and password, we don’t need any secret information like secret question/answer, account holder name or password from email account. We guarantee privacy and safety of your account


Final total: