Operation: Mechagon run [Normal & Hardmode]

Operation: Mechagon is a 5 person dungeon full of adventures gear, achievements and rare mounts. Players enter through a trash compactor and make their way up into Mechagon city, which is populated by machinery, turrets, and mechagnomes. Feel free to make and order. Our manager can help with any of questions that you have.
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Operation: Mechagon run [Normal & Hardmode]


Buy Mechagon boost, and you will get: 
  • 8/8 Operation: Mechagon dungeon clear completed in normal or hardmode
  • 415-455 item level armor, weapons and trinkets with awesome special effects.
  • 415 Azerite Armor from Normal Mode
  • Chance to get 430 Azerite Helm from Hardmode last boss
  • Blueprint: Scrap Trap for Vision of Perfection [Rank 2] from 2nd kill Mechagon last boss
  • Various Yellow, Red, and Blue Punchcards.
  • Vision of Perfection Azerite Essence Rank 1 and opportunity to upgrade it to Rank 4
  • Aerial Unit R-21/X as 100% guaranteed reward from Hardmode Mechagon
  • Mechagon Peacekeeper as 1% chance from HK 8 Aerial Oppression unit boss
  • Few pets: Microbot 8D and Golden Snorf.
  • Team will also trade you items, which fits to your class and specialization
  • Mechagon carry takes 40-60 minutes
  • Our manager will contact you and provide a professional team with flexible schedule, according to your preferences
  • If you have chosen the “Selfplay” option, you will be invited in-game by professional top ranked 5ppl team, which will coach you through bosses mechanics, special hints during the process.
  • During Piloted method of boost, which set as default we guarantee the safety of your account using VPN matching your location: city and country
  • Our boosters team can offer a stream of Mechagon hardmode boost
  • Once piloted service done, the placement of your action bars will be brought back to their positions.
  • Resources, gold, azerite power, gear items and other things dropped during service will be untouched in your inventory after wow Mechagon normal boost or HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit carry