WoW Shadowlands CASTLE NATHRIA Nathria Full Gear [Heroic | Normal]

Nathria Full Gear [Heroic | Normal]

✔️ Nathria Full Gear

✔️ Heroic | Normal Gearing

✔️ Raid Gearing


  • A single piece of CN gear in each equipment slot of your character. This service will be delivered by killing Castle Nathria bosses that drop the gear that you need with your character present in the encounter. Bosses drop 200 – 207 level items in Normal difficulty, 213 – 220 level items in Heroic difficulty, and 226 – 233 level items in Mythic difficulty.
  •  This service includes killing all bosses of Castle Nathria as soon as we start running it. On consecutive weeks, you are free to participate and kill any boss or skip those that only drop items in the equipment slots that we have already filled by CN loot. However, if you chose the Extra fast version of this service, you are only entitled to item trades on bosses, that drop the gear we still owe you.

The estimates are as follows: 

  • Basic version of the boost usually takes 4 – 7 weeks.
  • Extra fast version of this service usually takes 2 – 5 weeks.
  • BiS List version of this service usually takes 3 – 6 weeks.
  • Single Item version of this service is highly dependant on the number of items you select and their drop rate, and, as such, has no ETA. 
  • Loot: Personal loot and bonus rolls - you will get as many items per run as the game drops to you. In the end of the boost you will have Castle Nathria gear in every gear slot.
  • Achievements: Castle Nathria [Shriekwing; Altimor the Huntsman; Hungering Destroyer; Artificer Xy’Mox; Sun King’s Salvation; Lady Inerva Darkvein; The Council of Blood; Sludgefist; Stoneborne Generals; Sire Denathrius]

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